Doll Differences

I’ve had a few questions about the brands of dolls I offer, so I thought I’d go over the differences.

Doll Brands and Sizes From left to right:

Belonil 40cm (15.5"). Miniland Babies 38cm (15”) Paola Reina Babies 34cm (13.5”) Paola Reina Las Amigas 32cm (13”) Miniland Newborn 30cm (12.5”)

Scent: Miniland has a lighter vanilla scent. Las amigas also have a very slight scent. Paola Reina Babies have a stronger vanilla scent that lasts longer.

Size: Miniland babies are taller and skinnier than Paola Reina. PR are shorter and chubbier. Miniland newborns are smaller than PR babies. Las amigas are a little larger than barbies- similar to Wellie Wisher brand. Paola Reina are a little softer -Miniland have a harder plastic feel. Belonil do not have a vanilla scent. Their features and hair are very high quality. Their bodies are softer and similar to PR feel.

Education: All brands offer multicultural dolls that are anatomically correct. (Except the Las Amigas- they are not) Their features are very sweet and they are more realistic looking than other dolls. The Belonil brand features beautiful dolls with down syndrome. These dolls are not only fun and adorable, but can be used for education as well. All brands are working to add more ethnicities to their lines.

Quality: Belonil dolls cost the most due to their quality features and brand. They have eyebrows and super soft hair. They do come with an outfit as well. Paola Reina are the next highest in price. Their dolls are high quality with beautiful features and most dolls have eyelashes as well. The baby dolls are sold completely naked. The Las Amigas come with an outfit included. The Miniland are great budget friendly options for families. They do not have eyelashes or eyebrows and their hair is more coarse than other brands. Although, Miniland has made great strides in hair quality with their newer dolls. They come with white underwear. All the dolls we carry are made in Spain to EN71 toy safety standards using 100% pthalate-free vinyl. Europe's toy safety standards are higher than the US standards, so you can rest assured that your children's dolls are safe and non-toxic.

Company info: Miniland is a bigger brand and they have a US based distributor. Paola Reina comes directly from France. All brands are manufactured in Spain.

You really can’t go wrong with any brand. They’re all so adorable!! I restock dolls every couple weeks.